About Us

About Us

Global Academy of Excellence is an ISO-Certified Educational Organization & NGO.The Vision Of Global Academy of Excellence is to provide both “Life Based” & “Curriculum Based” 21st Century International Skills to all the Rural Community Students & Educators both  ‘Professionally & Digitally’. Despite being a startup organization , several optimum trainings has been offered to the Principals, Head Masters, Professors, Lecturers & Government School Teachers & Organizations from 5 different  DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION & TRAINING centers –  part of SCERT, Tamilnadu, India. Global Academy of Excellence has also successfully trained International Students across 10 countries on a variety of topics.

The Organization has received the most prestigious ‘ The Best Training Institution Award – Asian Education Award winner 2022′,Indian Glory Awards – Excellence in Research Category 2023,  Student’s Choice Award 2021 , 2022 & 2023. Best NGO 2023 Award from International Icon Awards.It is also a 5-star GMB rated Educational Institution by Google.

The main goal of the organization was to provide education to all children but specifically to those with humble social backgrounds such as those in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, NGOs, and more specifically rural schools free of cost. This basic goal was achieved quickly and the Global Academy of Excellence now trains Government teachers from the District Institute of Education and Training. Along with this, the Academy has also worked with multiple organizations including the State Council of Educational Research and Training to organize training programs for teachers and help set a state-wide curriculum based trainings organized by grade level.

Indian Glory Awards 2023, is an event that focuses on making a positive impact by bringing together accomplished personalities for their outstanding initiatives in different fields. Global Academy of Excellence is one such meritorious recipients of the award for the “Excellence in Research Category 2023”. The Academy takes pride for hosting one of the best research programs in the field of Rural Education, especially implementing the 21st Century Skills. Though being a Pilot Project, The entire Team effort of 20+ years experienced Educators, Students from US and Canada, NGOs, Field Experts and Corporate Executives under the ERT wing of Global Academy of Excellence has finally been crowned with one of the Most Prestigious Recognition.

The Academy unceasingly focuses on Designing, Planning, Executing and Implementing Educational Research Projects “Empowering Rural Educators and Students with 21st Century Skills” across Rural and Government School Sectors and NGOs. Our INNOVATIVE CURRICULUM TEAM from INDIA comprises of Experienced Lecturers & Teachers from the High Level State Education Committees, Principals & Headmasters from DIET(District Institute of Education & Training) who are involved in Designing the Curriculum as per needs and capabilities of Rural Students. Based on their suggestions and design plans, the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WING from US help us in developing the actual handbooks, e-books, e-learning materials, Introducing new concepts related to Latest Technology like Educational Hub Website, Artificial Intelligence related Projects like Robotics and many more. These are invaluable educational resources and we implement them in our Model Schools & Organizations through Curriculum and Workshop Based Trainings using the Digital Platform. 


Schools under DIET – District Institute of Education and Training – The Major State Level Educational Bodies which are responsible for implementing new educational policies, form a major unit of our Model Schools & Organizations.  We offer a highly standardized professional training on par International Standards along with a set of stringent bench marks to evaluate the teachers we train, as this will indirectly impact about 6 lack students across the State. Apart from directly training students, the main focus was training the Teachers/Educators who will be directly handling students in the schools at the core level. Most of our Educational Research Projects are in the implementation phase across these schools and we feel greatly delighted to see the enormous interest shown by both students and the educators in taking up these trainings.

Our Journey

The prime reason for the Global Academy of Excellence was to give affordable and accessible education to every young mind with a thirst for knowledge despite their situation or financial background. All of this is done with the background idea to convert the rural sectors of India into one of the most well-educated groups of people in the country.

Our Vision

To Establish 21st Century Learning , Literacy & Life Skills To All Deserving Children Across The Globe – irrespective of caste,creed,race,religion & language

Our Mission


All of this is done with modern education standards all while using the latest form of technology. This latest technology includes the use of mobile apps, online learning portals, software-based reports, and student and parent databases to optimize learning and make educational content easier to learn. Despite the focus on education, the Global Academy of Excellence also teaches valuable skills which include Critical Thinking, Life Skills, Value Education, Analytical Skills, and Decision-Making Skills to students.

List of Accolades Won:

  • Institution that has trained the Professors, Lecturers, Principals & Head Masters, Government School Teachers from District Institute Of Education & Research, Tamilnadu – India
  • 5-star GMB rated “Educational Institution” by Google
  • The Best Training Institution – Asian Education Award Winner 2022
  • Indian Glory Awards 2023 – Best Research Project Category
  • Indian Icon Awards 2024 – Best Research Project Category.
  • Best NGO of the Year 2023 – International Icon Awards.
  • Student’s Choice Award 2021 – Classplus Organization
  • Student’s Choice Award 2022 – Classplus Organization